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PNTS Incorporated professionals have been extensively involved with signal processing, pattern recognition, and related solutions in support of HSARPA, DARPA, DTRA, and other programs, polymer composites for electric vehicle battery structures, and the design and analysis of nanostructured materials for defense applications. In conjunction with these deliverables, PNTS researchers have worked to develop multiphysics modeling of complex structures, merging optical, mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic analyses with interdisciplinary systemic requirements. Some of the most recent work has been involved with standoff detection of mood, affect, and cardiovascular functions with the express rationale of assessing adversarial intent. Additional work is being performed in the overall analysis of opportunistic sensor environments, which blend the traditional modes of “hard-wired” sensors with either ad hoc sensor nets or derived or inferred information data. In the standoff detection of adversarial intent, the PNTS team performed exhaustive analysis, data consolidation, and classification of complex features of human subjects. Most recently, PNTS was awarded a groundbreaking effort involving indirect detection of radiological and nuclear threats by secondary effects in electromagnetic materials. 

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